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We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing an exciting two and a half days of theory and application of Lydiard training.

Course Description


(*Note, the details of the schedule are subject to change)


  • 1:00 pm   Introduction Running Wizard
    Form & Shoes (Optional*) Available at courses taught by Nobby Hashizume
  • 4:00 pm     Introduction of Lydiard Foundation, instructor(s), and self
  • 4:30 pm     Class starts: Historical Background, Worldwide Influence, Five Principles of Lydiard Training
  • 6:00 pm     Dinner Break with Movie (“The Golden Hour“)
  • 7:00 pm     Overview of Upcoming 2 Day Course


  • 9:00 am    Aerobic Development, Simple Physiology, Marathon Conditioning, Hill Training
  • 12:00 pm   Lunch Break with Movie
  • 1:00 pm   Anaerobic Training (Intervals), Integration Training (Coordination), Taper—the Art of Peaking, Q&A
  • 4:00 pm   Workout Practice—Lydiard Hill Training


  • 9:00 am    Recovery Indicators
  • 10:00 am  Planning Yearly Training Cycle, Racing Considerations, Post-Race Recovery
  • 11:00 am   Workout Practice—50/50, Drills
  • 12:00 pm   Lunch Break with Movie
  • 1:00 pm     Review, Group Session—Case Studies, Multiple Questions (part of the exam)
  • 3:30-4:00 pm    Closing Comments
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ATTIRE: Please  wear clothing that will allow for athletic movements, e.g. running, walking and drills

FOOD:  Aerobic Drinks and snacks will be provided, along with dinner Friday evening. Bring lunch or eat out during lunchtime .

TRANSPORTATION: You are responsible for transportation to and from the event venue.

LODGING: You are responsible for your lodging.

LAPTOPS: Online Internet is available.

Friday Afternoon
3 hours

Introduction to Running Wizard and setting up each participant with a training plan of their choice using our VO2 Max calculator, or
Form & Shoes (Optional*) Available at courses taught by Nobby Hashizume

Friday Evening
4 hours

An Historical Overview, Lydiard Principles

After Introductions we proceed with a fascinating slideshow and inspiring video clips of Master Coach Arthur Lydiard showing how his adage Champions are Everywherebecame his legacy worldwide.

The Five Lydiard Principles are outlined next.

  1. The Principle of Maximizing Aerobic Development
  2. The Principle of Feeling-Based Training
  3. The Principle of Response-Regulated Training
  4. The Principle of Sequential Energy System Development
  5. The Principle of Correct Timing

These principles are the foundational reference points that define and distinguish Lydiard training and provide a context for the subsequent teachings

We round out the evening with a summary of the upcoming 2-Day Course

(Courses taught by Nobby Hashizume will include Introduction to Running Wizard)

Saturday Morning
& Afternoon
8 hours

The Structure of Lydiard Training

The first two hours of the morning will begin with a power-point presentation on Running Physiology and how energy is derived and utilized in the running body. Drawing on Lydiard philosophy and verifying with exercise physiology and scientific study, we provide a comprehensive basis for understanding how Lydiard Training is structured to optimize all available energy systems of the athlete.

The rest of the day is dedicated to covering in detail the Five Phases of the Lydiard Training Pyramid in sequence:

  1. Aerobic Conditioning
  2. Hill Strength Training
  3. Anaerobic Development
  4. Integration
  5. Taper

You will learn the purpose, structure and timing of the workouts of each phase, how to prescribe exactly the optimal workout each day of the week in a way that harnesses the regenerative powers of the body.  You will learn how to modify the schedule for beginners, high-schoolers, master runners etc., to coach them to achieving peak performance.

At the end of the day , a hill workout (striding, springing and bounding) will be demonstrated and participants will be invited to join in.

Sunday Morning
& Afternoon
7 hours

The Application of Lydiard Training

Balancing workouts with recovery is key to optimizing training. What are Recovery Indicators and how can we accurately read the runner’s body signals to gain the Greatest Training Effect? We demonstrate for you how to optimize recovery, avoid over-training and recognize fatigue signals with strategies to use,  if your runners goes over the edge.  We round our the morning with a fun integration workout of 50/50’s.

On Sunday afternoon, we look at macro-cycles of training and how to make long-term plans using the Lydiard Training Pyramid. We also cover Race Recovery and how to Maintain a Peak for Continued Racing.

In the afternoon, we will work on  case studies and review elements of the exam, which participants will complete at home and send in for evaluation.

Our goal is that at the end of the course every participant can competently write a Lydiard schedule, knowing that every workout has its purpose and place to optimize the training and racing of any athlete.

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