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Had a quick tweet exchange with Coach Dennis Barker of Team USA Minnesota this morning.  I wrote this piece ( earlier in regards to the meeting between USAT&F and TFAA which was scheduled to take place a week ago (3/10/2014).  I was curious what happened there.  It is amazing how quickly general public forget and move on — for a couple of days at the National Indoors at Albuquerque almost EVERYBODY who is remotely interested in the sport of running was talking about it.  It certainly created lots of “hits” for some on-line message boards.  But for the past week, I had not seen or heard anything about the outcome of this meeting.  According to Coach Barker, it was cancelled.  As much as I’m shocked to hear that it was cancelled, I’m even more shocked that nobody is questioning why it was cancelled.  It’s as if the “case” has completely been closed.  And now we are all happy that ” we won the battle…!”  Now we can all go home, back to our computer screen and search for the next gossip, feeling content Ms. Grunewald won her case…

When this meeting was scheduled, it seemed everybody was happy to see the step forward.  When the issue’s cause has not been looked into and removed, that’s nothing but “tampering” — meaning, the same thing can happen over and over again and, for each and every time it re-occur, we would need to open it up and deal with it.  Surely, some websites might get tons more of “hits” every time this happens and, for a brief moment, the curious observers rush to throw their “expert” opinion.  But the truth of the fact is; I’m appalled that more people are actually interested in putting more effort into making our sport better by seriously looking into the cause of all this fiasco and actually FIX THE PROBLEM.  Gabby Grunewald got reinstated and went on and competed in the World Indoor Championships.  That’s not the end of “happily ever after” story.  That was great for her but nobody seems to be talking about other DQ, Bumablough’s case, which, to me, is even more peculiar than Gabby’s.  And the whole idea behind this meeting between USAT&F and TFAA was to get down to the core of it to make sure things like this would happen again.  The case is NOT closed until we find out the “cause” of an issue and “remove” that cause so the same problem won’t occur.  It is a human nature and most people move on and forget about the most important part of this process.

Hopefully some of us continue to keep reminding each other.  I can hear what Arthur Lydiard would have said: “C’mon!! Just get on with the business!”  (Coach Squires, I’m sure, would also add: “Oh, cut the crap!!” ;o))

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