Lydiard™ I & II Online Course for First Time Attendees May 8, 9, 10 & 17 2020

$395.00 $225.00

The new Lydiard™ Coaching Certificate Clinic Part I & II is the most sophisticated training method ever developed and the most widely used system worldwide by both recreational runners and champions. This course gives detailed Theory and Application of Lydiard™ training, including the five energy developmental phases, the Lydiard™ Principles, and the essential timing considerations that prepare the runner for peak performances when it counts year after year.



Six 2-hour sessions held over 3 consecutive days, May 8, 9 & 10.

Plus a bonus 3 hour session, May 17th.

May 8 FRIDAY - Day 1 Schedule

FRI 8th May

Session One: 3-5pm (MT) Regeneration and Adaptation. The Five Lydiard Principles. The Training Pyramid.

Session Two: 6-8pm (MT)  Exercise Physiology, Mitochondria, Muscle Fibers, Energy Sources & Production.

May 9 SATURDAY - Day 2 Schedule

SAT 9th May

Session Three: 3-5pm (MT) Phase One – Endurance. Phase Two – Strength Resistance. Phase Three – Anaerobic

Session Four: 6-8pm (MT) Phase Four – Integration. Phase Five – Taper. Racing & Peaking.

May 10 SUNDAY - Day 3 Schedule

SUN 10th May

Session Five: 3-5pm (MT) Recovery Schedules & Indicators. Micro & Macro Cycles. Goal-Setting.

Session Six:  6-8pm (MT) Writing a Schedule. Special Considerations for Beginners, Youths, Marathon & Ultras.


BONUS SESSION EXAM REVIEW 5-8pm (MT)– Certification assistance.