Americas/Europe Certification Course September 7th Returning Attendees

$125.00 $50.00



Americas/Europe  Weekly Monday Session starting 7th September

September/October 2020 – this course will be delivered virtually by Lorraine Moller, Colin Lancaster and Special Guests

Level 1 & 2 Coach Certification

Session One: Monday 7th September 11-2pm MT (6-9pm UK)
Session Two: Monday 14th September 11-2pm MT (6-9pm UK)
Session Three: Monday 21st September 11-2pm MT (6-9pm UK)
Session Four: Monday 28th September 11-2pm MT (6-9pm UK
Session Five: Sunday 4th October 11-2pm MT (6-9pm UK)

Session One: Regeneration and Adaptation. The Five Lydiard Principles. The Training Pyramid. Your Renewable Battery. (3 hours)
Session Two: Phase One – Endurance. Phase Two – Hill Strength Resistance Phase Three – Anaerobic. (3 hours)
Session Three:  Phase Four – Integration. Phase Five – Taper Racing & Peaking,  Continuation of Racing (3 hours)
Session Four:  Recovery Schedules & Indicators. Micro & Macro Cycles Goal-Setting. Writing a Schedule. Case Studies. (3 hours)
Session Five: Exam preview and Q&A (3 hours)