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Taking the Hero’s Journey
Four-time Olympian and Boston Marathon winner will speak to runners prior to race day –

October 14th 1:00 pm @ Cobo Center Room 313A/B.

Lorraine Moller - Lydiard Foundation

Olympic-medalist, four-time Olympian and Boston Marathon winner Lorraine Moller will speak at the 2017 Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Health & Fitness Expo on Oct. 14 from 1-2 pm. Moller’s talk, Taking the Hero’s Journey, will focus on battling negative thinking on race day and how she navigated doubts and combated fatigue throughout her racing career, followed by a Q&A. Lorraine’s talk will be open to the public in the Cobo Center Room 313A/B.

The event is presented by Gazelle Sports and the Lydiard Foundation. Moller is president and co-founder of the Lydiard Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to continue to bring Master Coach Arthur Lydiard’s proven endurance training system to runners of all ages and abilities, helping them to achieve their performance, health and fitness goals and potential.

Gazelle Sports and the Lydiard Foundation recently partnered to provide Lydiard Method training programs for half marathon and marathon distances at the five Gazelle Sports retail stores across Michigan. The Detroit Free Press Marathon is the culmination of the training for many of those program participants.

Taking the Hero’s Journey.

“Surely,” you ask, “there is nothing more to be done the day before the race?” You have completed your Lydiard training; the most effective training method ever developed and used by champions the world over. That alone should give you confidence. But you can undo all your hard work with negative thinking and fall prey to the saboteur in your mind: the doubts that tense your body and turn niggles into injuries or make you start out too fast later become your excuses for failing at the very thing you came to accomplish. This is the time to nail your racing mindset into place and step into the shoes of the hero.

Lorraine will inspire you with stories from her own Olympic marathons and how she navigated her doubts and combated fatigue to earn an Olympic medal against all odds with both mental and practical tools. She will share these powerful techniques with you, answer your questions, even let you try on her Olympic medal. Next day she will be at the finish line to celebrate your effort. She says, “The race is an invitation to reinvent yourself. On the hero’s journey, the territory encountered is one’s inner landscape, the prize: self-mastery.”

Moller is a 4-time Olympian, Olympic bronze medalist, world track and field finalist, multiple Commonwealth Games track medalist, and winner of 16 major international marathons, including the Boston Marathon. She holds the distinction of being the only woman to have run all of the 20th century Olympic marathons for women. Throughout her career, she has always adhered to Lydiard training.

Alongside her running achievements, Moller was a forerunner for equality in women’s athletics, an activist for professionalism in distance running, and an accomplished writer and keynote speaker. Since retiring from competitive sport in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics, Moller co-founded the Lydiard Foundation for educating coaches and athletes in the art of endurance training and peaking along with her partner in the Foundation, Nobuya Hashizume.


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Moller is dedicated to teaching Lydiard training to runners and coaches. She believes Lydiard is the premier training method enabling runners to train in a regenerative way, and thus promoting longevity in the sport, injury-free running and excellence in performance.

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