Friend and

Star Pupil of

Arthur Lydiard”

Nobuya Hashizume
Director of Coaching

Nobuya Hashizume, fondly known as “Nobby”, first came across Arthur’s book “Running the Lydiard Way” in 1978. He was so impressed with how logical the Lydiard training methodology appeared that he contacted Arthur Lydiard himself.

After attending Lydiard’s clinics several times in the Washington/Oregon area and becoming personally known to Lydiard, Arthur invited him to come to New Zealand in 1984 to study Lydiard training.

Personally sponsored by Arthur and living in his home for 12 months, Nobby apprenticed himself diligently to the Master Coach himself.  During his stay Nobby also developed friendships with such New Zealand running greats such as Barry Magee, Bill Baillie, Ray Puckett, Dick Quax and Lorraine Moller, with whom he later founded Lydiard Foundation.

Nobuya "Nobby" Hashizume

Upon returning to Japan after graduating from Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA, in 1986, Nobby was recruited to Hitachi, Ltd., as a professional coach for its corporate team through the influence of the late Kiyoshi Nakamura who was a huge follower of Lydiard and who coached the legendary two-time Boston marathon champion, Toshihiko Seko.

Nobby returned to the USA in 1991, this time to Minneapolis, MN, with his young family, coaching some local runners and contributing to running publications such as “Running Times” and “Marathon & Beyond.” He organized 2 nationwide USA tours for Lydiard in 1999 and 2004. Nobby was one of a few people whom Arthur trusted and shared much of his own literature.

Along with Lorraine Moller, Nobby feels it is his life-long mission to retain Lydiard’s legacy and this has been his passion and avoation since forming the Lydiard Foundation in 2008. Nobby has been a leading force to create Running Wizard with the late Dick Brown, another Lydiard aficionado, with the shared vision of making Lydiard training accessible online to a wide-range of runners with customizable programming so as not to compromise the integrity of the training.

Nobby possesses a very unique blend of knowledge of Kiwi running culture based on Lydiard principles, the modern American running scene, along with the running philosophy of a marathon-obsessed Japanese culture. A recreational runner himself and a running encyclopedia of distance running history and all things Lydiard, Nobby remains dedicated to creating and refining the Lydiard Coaching courses to certify coaches who can carry on the Lydiard legacy and spread the training philosophy.

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