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Here’s a clip from “Arthur Lydiard Oregon Clinic DVD” where he talks about anaerobic repetition/interval training. The example of Richard Tayler is one of his favorite stories; the one Dr. Dick Brown said; “One of the most beautiful lessons you can get in terms of athletic training.” This story beautifully illustrates the importance of “Feeling-Based” training; go by how you feel and not be a slave of pre-determined numbers.

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The footage we have included at the end is from 1974 Commonwealth Games 10000m final.  It is with a rather poor quality but I personally wanted to use this particular one because this is from the VHS tape Arthur had given me in 1999.  Richard Tayler was more or less an underdog in this race — England’s Dave Bedford was the world record holder and the odds-on favorite.  But the Games were held in Christchurch, New Zealand, his home country and, as he caught up with the leaders, 18-minutes into the competition, the crowd went wild!  About 7:30 into this particular clip (24-minutes into the actual race), you can hear the deafening chant from the crowd; “TAYLER!  TAYLER!  TAYLER!…”  Back in 1979, I had a cross-road with my own running; and got a huge inspiration from watching Tayler win this race and that was very much a deciding moment; of course, unbeknown to me, there was this connection with Richard Tayler and Arthur Lydiard.  The last time I was with Arthur, it was in New York 2004, a week before he passed away in Houston, TX.  I had a chance to actually tell that to him.  He seemed to be touched.  Lydiard had the highest respect for Richard Tayler; he always said he was one of the nicest and the most sincere athletes he had ever worked with.

One of the commentators in this footage is the late John Davies, who won the bronze medal in 1500m behind Peter Snell at Tokyo Olympic Games and later coached Dick Quax and Lorraine Moller.

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