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This is the material sent to me back in 2006 in a PDF file from a gentleman who goes by “Arty08“.  I had never seen this prior to him sending this to me but realized it was packed with interesting and valuable information.  So we decided to reproduce the material with footnotes.  This was written by Arthur Lydiard in 1970 and some of the scientific terminologies may be out-dated.  

But the practical knowledge of how he started a group of obese business people to run a full-marathon in 4-hours in 8 months can be seen in details here:

DOWNLOAD: Jogging the Lydiard Way

“…I recall in 1962, speaking to a group of men in Hawera, a small town in New Zealand, about jogging and I made this statement that I believed that anyone who can walk can run and if they really feel inclined, they could run 20 miles and this applied to old people even in their 70s.

After my talk, an old fellow by the name of Wills came to me and said that he was interested in running.  However, he was 74 years of age and had had 3 coronary attacks.  He was a big man of 280 pounds, obese and looked completely out of condition.  He also asked if I believed that he could run 20 miles.

I was a little doubtful when I looked at him, but I told him go and see his doctor and explain just what he had in mind).  I said that as long as he did not have a diseased heart and had recovered from his previous attacks, I doubted whether the doctor would be against him trying.

Well, Mr. Wills started jogging, with his doctor’s consent, and the first time that he tried to run for his 15 minutes, he only got as far as 30 yards and had to walk for a time before trotting along again.  After a few weeks, he was able to run for the full 15 minutes and was, soon after this, running much longer time.

In 6 months from the day that he started jogging, Mr. Wills actually ran 20 miles without stopping.  Besides him on push cycles rode members of the local newspapers – the hardest work they had done in years, just to see what would happen.  Maybe they could see the headlines in the Daily:  “Joggers Dies on Road”.  However, Mr. Wills handled his 20 miles in fine style and, today, 8 years later, is a healthy and vigorous man of 82 years of age who, 3 years ago, rode a racing push cycle around a New Zealand mountain called Mr. Egmont, a distance of 100 miles on Christmas morning for a workout.  On his arrival back, on being asked by the local press, what his reactions were to the ride; he remarked that it wasn’t any problem except the traffic worried him.  Mr. Wills was a man who started from behind scratch by having had coronary attacks that he was fortunate enough to have survived…”

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