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Here is the short version of “Hill Training — the Lydiard Way“, the video shown during Arthur Lydiard’s final US lecture tour in 2004.  Three types of Lydiard Hill Training are demonstrated here:

  1. Steep Hill Running: Use a steep longish hill, run up with a slow forward momentum with a good posture and good knee lift.  Most suited for long events like 10k up to a half and a full marathon.  If you never done anything like this, this is the exercise you would want to start with.
  2. Hill Bounding: Most well-known of Lydiard hill exercise.  Use a gentle hill of about 100~200m in length.  Go over the hill with long, bounding strides — “Like a deer going over the fence,” as Lydiard always said.  A very demanding exercise to your Achilles tendon and calf muscles.  Be very cautious and ease into this exercise.  A great exercise for middle distance to “short” long distance event; 800m, 1500m, unto 5000m.
  3. Hill Springing: One of the best exercises to strengthen and make ankles supple.  Use short but quite steep hill; even 30~50m hill can be very effective.  Gives strong and supple ankles “like a ballet dancer” Lydiard used to say.  Like Bounding, quite demanding on your Achilles tendon and calf muscles so make sure you ease into this exercise.
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