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I, Brett Drummond, recently attended The Lydiard Foundation Level 1 and 2 Coaching Certification. I had wanted to get this certification for 3 years, but I was injured for three years, so I had to patiently wait. And Let me tell you this seminar was worth the wait! My favorite part was meeting all the like minded people who attended… it was like a who’s who of the whole running May 2016 Lydiard Foundation Cliniccommunity. We had everyone from a professional elite runner to a person who coaches over a 100 runners, to a guy like me who is a runner and part time coach.
My overall experience was wonderful. I learned so much about how to practically apply The Lydiard Training System from the teachers Lorraine And Nobby. In my opinion they have made (what can be a very complex system) into an easy to follow training plan that will help you bust through any plateau. From the practical information I took from this seminar, I have been able to change my form into a work of art! I can now also train (the runners I coach) with better direction and I can also give them a clear path on how to train themselves with practical insight and clear instructions!

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