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Lydiard often talked about “getting to the point where you can run for 15-minutes without stopping” being the first step.  We have provided a simple program, based on the Lydiard Principles, to bring you to this First Step and beyond.  Click here to see the whole program, “Up and Running“.

Sneak Preview:

Many of today’s programs are geared towards getting beginners to attempt a marathon as quickly as possible.  To achieve this, lots of walking breaks are included, and the weekly long runs are often increased linearly without any consideration to one’s response.  Most beginners can “complete” (not necessarily “run”) the marathon in 3 or 4 months time.  It will probably take you 5 or 6 or 7 hours.  However the chance of getting injured or mentally burnt out is greatly increased.  There such programs do not develop the ability to continuously runnor do they teach you to run correctly at an efficient pace (say, 8~9 minute mile pace instead of 12~15 minute).  This program is a long-term approach that is more enjoyable and safer and ultimately will yield superior long-term results.

Remember; there is no short-cut to doing things right…

Once you get up to 15-minutes of continuous running, you will now begin the business of “Building Up Your Base”.  Here you can listen to Arthur Lydiard, in his own voice, explaining his view on our “potential” on building the base and how to practically build up you endurance.  This is taken from a Lydiard clinic in Salem, OR, in 1983.  This is only a small portion of a 90-minute DVD we are currently working on producing, based on this Lydiard’s talk.

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