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Lydiard made his “training manual” available and easily accessible by writing this “Arthur Lydiard Athletic Training” as an official “hand-out”. We have made this available with Nobby Hashizume’s footnotes.

Click here to view the entire “Arthur Lydiard Athletic Training”.

Sneak Preview: (from “Marathon Conditioning”)

“It is first necessary to understand that, while the object of training is to develop your anaerobic capacity to exercise, this can only be done in relation to your oxygen uptake level and capacity to exercise aerobically. In other words; it is necessary to run as many miles or kilometers as you possibly can at economic or aerobic speeds to lift your oxygen uptake to your highest possible level as the foundation upon which to base your anaerobic or speed training.

To gain the best results for the time spent in training, it is important to run at your best aerobic speed; i.e. at speeds at a level just under your Steady State or Maximum Oxygen Uptake. This is theory and can be applied in practice.

To train at speeds above the oxygen uptake is anaerobic exercising with the net results of the development of lactic acid that causes a lowering of the blood pH with the ultimate results of neuro-muscular breakdown in the working muscles. This means that the volume of exercising will be limited according to the oxygen debts being incurred. Seeing that, in this marathon conditioning phase, it is important to do a large volume of training and it has to be economic, or aerobic. The net results of the aerobic exercise is carbon-dioxide we breathe out; and water and salt we perspire. We are really endeavoring to lift the pressure by the heart upon the cardiac systems generally, to an economical level to bring about the development of the under-developed parts – the smaller arteries, arterioles, capillary beds and veins…”

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