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Are you confused about which is the right training system?

  • Is it Speedwork? After all the faster you train the faster you can race, right?
  • Or that the more Mileage you can log in the fitter you will be.
  • Maybe Intervals are the fastest way to get fit – the biggest bang for your buck?
  • And what about Hills, Cross-training, Fartlek or Easy Jogging?

If you chose any ONE of these, you have been misinformed.

RUNNERS … Running Wizard is the absolute best personalized running plan available. Just plug in your personal data and training preferences, and the Running Wizard will select the exact Lydiard training plan for you (including daily workouts with pace, duration effort and heart-rate guidelines.)


COACHES Running Wizard provides the quintessential Lydiard plan appropriate for your runner’s level.  Running Wizard’s training log, provided by Final Surge, with Coaches Option, will enable you to organize, adjust and keep track of their individual progress with tools no other program offers.

Be Your Personal Best

Running Wizard “For both champions and joggers alike, no other training system comes close for enduring excellence and excellent endurance. Speed included!”
-Dr. Richard Brown, Designer of Lydiard Online Training Programs

Dr. Richard Brown, Running Wizard Program Designer

Dr. Richard Brown spent years adapting the Lydiard Training Pyramid for the effective and safe ONLINE use of all runners across a spectrum of events.

The Real Answer is
Blending the Science of Physiology with the Art of Coaching Olympic Athletes

One of the biggest drawbacks of online training programs until now is that they are cookie-cutter and thus can be hit-and-miss when it comes to individual application.

DR. RICHARD BROWN – Running Wizard Program Designer — has the rare talent of successfully blending the science of exercise physiology with the art of coaching Olympic athletes.

Director of the former prestigious Athletics West club based in Eugene in the 80’s Dr Brown has the rare talent of successfully blending the science of exercise physiology with the art of coaching Olympic athletes.

Combining his research and scientific knowledge with the Pyramid Training System of Lydiard, Dr Brown successfully coached 13 athletes to compete in 26 Olympic and World Championship events including World Champion Mary Decker-Slaney.

During Dr. Brown’s time at Athletics West, Dr Brown was able to conduct numerous studies on high performance, recovery, nutrition, altitude, training types and intensities using world class athletes as his test subjects.

Many of the special advanced protocols he discovered have been incorporated into RUNNING WIZARD based on Dr Brown’s scientific research and coaching experience so that you too can train like a champion!

A runner rarely navigates a straight line from the start to the finish of a training schedule. Both coaches and smart, experienced runners know how to tailor their schedules to meet their needs. Less experienced runners are often derailed by their inability to appropriately adjust their training to their individual circumstances. This is precisely why up to now online training has in many circumstances been antithetical to the Lydiard philosophy.

What Running Wizard Online Training Program Gives You!

Lydiard Running Wizard

  • Expert guidance, training tips, and how-to advice so that you know exactly what to do, how to do it and why you are doing it!
  • An achievable time goal, if you follow the program in its entirety
  • Daily workouts tailor-made for your schedule
  • 5 phases of training to give you the entire gamut of training paces
  • A 12–24 week schedule extends from your starting day to the race line
  • Daily workouts with detailed explanations
  • Your choice of 4 – 7 training days per week
  • Progressive training paces based on your VO2 max
  • Daily Recovery Indicators so that you can accurately adjust your training
  • The sequential training pyramid of Lydiard that takes you to the peak on race day!

Lydiard Progressive Training Develops:

Endurance, Rhythm, Strength,
Efficiency, Pace judgment, Speed & Focus


4 Time Olympian
~ Bronze Metalist ~
Winner, Boston Marathon
Author, On the Wings of Mercury
Co-Founder, Lydiard Foundation

Lorraine Moller - President Lydiard Foundation

From Lorraine’s desk in Boulder Colorado

Dear Friends of Running,

My name is Lorraine Moller and I have been a keen runner for most of my life. From the time I was 14, I was tutored in the training methods of the world’s greatest coach, Arthur Lydiard, by his followers and by Arthur himself. I had no idea then what a great gift I was being given, but I know now that his training system set me up for an athletic career of performances undreamed of year after year.

I ran in international competitions in every distance from the 4X400 meters relay to the marathon. Track, cross-country, roads, marathon – I loved them all.

During my 28 year career I won lots of races including the Boston Marathon.  I even won an Olympic medal at the ripe old age of 37!

I finally retired from professional sports at the age 41 after my fourth Olympic Games. Twenty-eight years at the top with hardly an injury!!!

Today, even after having run enough miles to circumnavigate the globe TWICE, I remain healthy and fit. – all because I TRAINED CORRECTLY. You see, unlike most of my competitors I consistently followed Lydiard’s system of training and when I did, it never failed to deliver me to the competition at the top of my game. Yes, occasionally I experimented with other systems, when I was young and a little more reckless, but the poor results always brought me back to the tried and true system of Arthur Lydiard.

Running Wizard is the gold standard of coaching worldwide. It optimizes the development of your energy systems and is the most reliable method to produce peak performance. When begin you Lydiard training get ready for a quantum leap in your running performance!

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